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Sintra - walking tour

Welcome to Sintra, mystical center of Portugal!

We are honored to lead you into discovery into diferent sides of Sintra's past, the well-known history, and it's more mysterious, so to speak unconventional side . Who were templars and freemasons? Why is Sintra so special? Which place it holds in portuguese history?

Specializing in fun walks, while delivering something that is interesting, educative and mind expanding.

This walk is destined for those who want to get a general view of local history, with emphasis on mystery and secret societies - what happened here, starting with pre-Portugal times and following into discoveries, freemasonry and templars, what is Holy Grail and legends of the Mountain of Moon.

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p.s. we limit our groups to 10 people to ensure quality over quantity. For participation about this number please contact us

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In this walk we will visit

Corenteza Garden

The central city viewpoint

City hall square

Ready to start discovery about Templars?

Volta ao Duche

Eager to hear local sintrense myths and legends?

Largo do Palacio Nacional

Medieval romanticism with arabic style. What is the reason behind arabic influence of Sintra?

Vila's center street

Wish for pausa? Try local cheese pastry

Quinta da Regaleira

Masonic mansion with incredible garden. What knowledge withheld these secret societies?

How it works?

Are you familiar with Free* walking tour concept? Or being more honest, call it Tip-based walking tour? Is pretty simple, based on "tipping" culture where you give a guide what you wish / can afford, based on what you think guide's effort / expertise / storytelling is worth.

We belive it's just and enriches travel and socializing experience.

To the left you can find an approximate list of landmarks we will visit (can change from tour to tour).

See you soon!:)

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